Nebraska’s tax burden — especially local property taxes and state income taxes – hurts the families, small businesses, and retirees that Nebraska needs to attract and retain to grow our economy and maintain our quality of life.

Senator Clements helped pass the largest tax cut in state history with his vote for LB873. This legislation will provide an additional $3.4 billion of overall tax relief to Nebraskans through the tax year 2027. When fully implemented, LB 873 will deliver nearly $1 billion of annual tax relief above and beyond what Nebraskans currently receive.

Senator Clements co-sponsored legislation to exempt 100% of military retirement income from state income taxes, resulting in nearly $70 million of relief over 4 years. He voted to cut state income taxes on Social Security by 50% by the year 2025 providing over $217 million in relief over 5 years, and sponsored LB310, which reduces the inheritance tax rate and increases exemptions starting in 2023.

Senator Clements helped pass LB754 in 2023, which reduces the top individual and business income tax rates to 3.99% by tax year 2027. This measure provides billions in property, business, and income tax relief for Nebraska businesses, farmers, ranchers, and taxpayers

State Spending Priorities

On the Appropriations Committee, Senator Clements has worked to control state spending and replenish Nebraska’s cash reserve while funding the State’s priorities and without raising taxes.

In the 2023 legislative session, Senator Clements supported Governor Pillen’s Education Future Fund, which provides a record $1 Billion in new public education funding, along with record property tax relief and funding for major state projects, such as the Perkins County Canal and construction of a new state prison.

Growing the Economy

Senator Clements has been a strong supporter of legislation to grow Nebraska’s economy and promote job creation. He helped pass the ImagiNE Act, which replaced the Nebraska Advantage Act with updated tax incentives for businesses that create good-paying jobs and invest in Nebraska.

Senator Clements introduced and worked for the passage of LB454 (2019), amending the Realtor licensing requirements to allow homeschool graduates and other non-traditional applicants to receive a Realtor’s license, and included in the 2020 budget $4 million in career college scholarships for key workforce jobs where companies are having trouble filling positions and $10 million for the Rural Workforce Housing Development Fund.

Senator Clements helped spearhead one of the most expansive economic development packages in Nebraska's history in 2023. Included in LB727 is a new state income tax credit for retail dealers that sell biodiesel, along with an appropriation to improve infrastructure at Nebraska’s public airports.

Defend Innocent Life

Senator Clements has been a steadfast supporter of Life and is committed to fighting for the unborn.

Senator Clements has supported numerous legislative efforts to limit elective abortion in Nebraska and in 2023, helped pass a measure to ban abortion in Nebraska at 12 weeks.

Senator Clements is committed to continuing this fight until abortion is a thing of the past in Nebraska.

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